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We regularly table at public events using an Operation Politically Homeless Kit to promote Libertarianism and the NAP. Come join us!

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We have a cadre of experienced and articulate speakers that are prepared to speak at an expert level on a variety of subjects involving political action and philosophic education. Programs are available as AV presentations and also as workshops for small groups.

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Semper Libertus keeps a collection of materials that provide education and illustration of the principles we promote, as well as fun and functional how-to guides for activists seeking to promote those ideals.

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We have developed and maintained software that is useful to individuals and groups engaging in activism and outreach for liberty, including contact and donor management software such as petition signature verification, taking online donations, walk lists, mass email, text messaging, phone banking, canvassing, event registrations and a lot more.

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Our Social Trajectory

We assert that people are free by nature, born with natural rights that are inalienable. The only definition of a just society is one that recognizes this and protects those rights. We seek to move society as strongly in this trajectory as it will.

Individual Will

We declare that all people possess individual will and own themselves; therefore they have ultimate authority over their persons and ultimate responsibility for their actions.


We declare that all products of a person’s labor or effort is property and by its nature is an extension of self.


We declare that no other person has the natural authority to subvert the self-ownership of another. Self-defense following a least-harm doctrine is the only exception to this rule.


We hold the Non-Aggression Principle as a direct derivative of our natural rights. To subvert a person’s will by force or fraud is a direct denial of these rights. We assert that by its nature, no matter how large or small, any use of force or fraud is “wrong”. We also believe in self-defense as the one exception to this bright line rule. That to protect one’s self, one’s actions and one’s property is sometimes necessary and consequentially ethical if one follows the principle of “least harm.”

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Board Members

Meet the current members of our board. Get in touch with them below!

Vincent Li

Vincent Li

eric salveson

eric salveson

EJ Badillo

EJ Badillo

Frank Chau

Frank Chau


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